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To my Daughter in Law

We are writing Love letters to our loved ones this month. I felt the need to write to my daughter-in-law a letter. I believe that I will make a good mother-in-law. I want to break the belief that African mothers and daughters-in-law do not get along. The generation of overworking daughters-in-law is coming to an end. We are raising men and women who would live in harmony with their in-laws, build united and unbreakable relationships.

Below I wrote a letter to my daughter-in-law to declare that she and I, will formulate a strong friendship. A relationship which will allow her to be the best version of herself.

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To my daughter in law.

To my beautiful daughter in love.
I should be excited that my son will be starting his new journey, and building his own family, but I am sad that he is leaving home. Yes, the Bible says a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.
I could not be happier. I am simply emotional about how my young man had grown to be a responsible man of stature he is.
There is no better way to welcome you into my son’s life. I can bet with my mother’s grave that he will take care of you.
He had long waited for this moment to have a family of his own and to execute all the teachings I instilled in him.

I do not want to be a mere mother-in-law to you, please allow me to be your mother too.
I want to break a culture of the impression that mothers-in-law do not get along with ‘makotis’ (daughters-in-law). I want to be amongst the loving mothers-in-law who treat their daughters-in-law like their own.
You will not be my daughter-in-law, but you will be one of my daughters and a big sister to my children.
With your permission, I am gladly excited to gain a daughter in you.

I have never seen my son so happy in his life.

Every time he speaks of you, his countenance changes and beams with a cute blushing smile.

Having a family of his own is a dream come true. I am grateful that I get to see his dreams come true while am still alive.

We had long waited for this moment to happen.
He can finally attest and say the Lord had been good to him because the man who finds a wife finds a treasure and receives favor from the LORD.

He had long waited for this moment to happen.
He can finally attest and say the Lord had been good to him because the man who finds a wife finds a treasure and receives favor from the LORD.

Favor ain’t fair for sure.
May you be a woman who will respect her husband and be a good mother to her children.
I cannot wait to take you through marital counseling and pregnancy lessons on your first child.
I am looking forward to being called a grandmother, a sexy one at that. Hahahahha, coz ain’t no aging this side.
Shopping sprees won’t be dull and lonely anymore. I finally found a shopping partner.
Sometimes I will sit back and order you around. I hope you will not see that as disrespect but as a mother sending her child for errands.

Do not think that you are coming to my home for house chores.
Yes, I am looking forward to eating your favorite meals from those celebrity recipe books you stored in your mother’s cardboard.
I want you to find yourself as a wife, and as an individual. There’s more to marriage than house chores, and bearing children. I want you to flourish in the best version of yourself.
You are destined for greatness. Do not lose your individuality in the name of marriage.
In your quest to be a good wife, pursue your purpose and evolve in every aspect of your life.
I love you from the core bottom of my heart. There had not been a single day my son did not mention how beautiful you are. Looking forward to experiencing your inner beauty too.

Proverbs 31 is the scripture I will leave you with. Let the word of God be your guide and the center of your marriage. Shalom!!

Your future Mother In Love

What do you think about the mother and daughters-in-law relationship? How do you relate to your in-laws? And what do you want to say to your daughter-in-law?

From my heart to yours


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  1. haoyando

    What a beautiful post. I love your positive spirit and your effort in connecting with others. I really think a mother-in-law is a natural friend to a daughter-in-law. However due to the social setting, family setting, and thousands of years of prejudice and civilization, the natural bond is broken. And this is why your post is such a beautiful thing.

    1. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji

      Thank you so much
      I truly agree with you. The mother and daughter-in-law relationship are said to be a toxic one and I do not understand the notion behind that. I believe it should be the strongest bond but as you said, the social setting had made us believe that it’s supposed to be broken. I appreciate mothers-in-law who treat their children-in-law with love amd fondness.
      Thank you for reading

    1. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji

      Thank you so much
      So glad you could relate with it. And thanks for reading

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